Keeping Seniors Independent Longer

It’s a concern.   Mom or Dad are getting older, but they insist on staying independent. 

How can you help Mom, Dad, or Aunt Mary stay in their homes, safely and within their budget?   There are a multitude of agencies, health aids, tools, technologies and agencies that can help your loved one.  But which services do they really need? But where to start?


Follow our checklist to determine what they need and how to help to meet those needs.


Fall Prevention Daily Assistance
Medication Assistance Emergency Help
Support Network Transportation
Financial Management Activities
Medical Oversight


Communications Support Trust Respect


Senior Support Wheel


11 thoughts on “Keeping Seniors Independent Longer

  1. We need to think about seniors during emergency situations, such as fires, floods, and hurricanes. How do you prepare for evacuating seniors. Anyone have a good article to suggest?


  2. With the recent major snow storm in the east, lets remember to check on our senior neighbors. They don’t have the mobility that we do. Spread the word.


  3. Regarding medical appointments for seniors —- it is important to have someone prepare the questions, symptoms, timeline of the symptoms, current medications, and other factors before seeing the doctor. Many seniors need the help before they see the doctor, not just after. Some assisted living centers provide transportation but little else in terms of support. The doctors appointment can be a waste of time if the doc doesn’t get the needed information.

    If your senior lives in an assisted living facility, ask about their preparation for medical appointments.


  4. This is very useful information as an increasing number of older people prefer to live alone. Fall prevention is especially important and apart from having an alarm that they cna press for help I find its helps to ensure the house is elderly proof.The checklist and the senioe support wheel are also both helpful.


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