Checklist for keeping Mom or Dad in their homes longer

It’s a concern.   Mom and Dad are getting older and have some difficulties.  But they insist on staying independent. How can you help?

How can you help them stay in their home, safely and economically? There are a multitude of agencies, health aids, tools, and agencies that offer assistance of various types.  But which services do they need, or more importantly, what type of assistance do they really need?

Follow the 10 step checklist to determine what their specific needs. Remember that an analysis today may need to be repeated in a few months, and when their conditions change.

  1. Accident and Fall Prevention
  2. Daily Assistance
  3. Medication Assistance
  4. Emergency Help
  5. Support network
  6. Transportation
  7. Financial management
  8. Activities
  9. Medical oversight
  10. Ongoing Evaluation

See further posts for details!





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